Bobby Rio’s Magnetic Messaging Review

 Texting can be a good way to start off a relationship. Quality conversations are capable of giving a kick    start to any relationship. Especially if you’re looking forward to plan a romantic date, texting is often    considered the missing puzzle-piece that you might have never considered with much importance. The    Bobby Rio’s Magnetic Messaging system can help you solve the puzzle almost instantly, just like a heartthrob.

Magnetic Messaging is a step-by-step system/manual that shows men how to turn on a woman with just 3 simple texts. If you are a guy who wants to get out of the friend zone, or who wants the girl you just met to chase you, or who wishes that your girlfriend will be in love with you again, then you will benefit from this system.

The complete magnetic messaging system consists of a 185 page training manual,8 FREE Bonus guides created by  popular dating expert Bobby Rio that offers expert advices to numerous struggling males around. He co-authored Magnetic Messaging with Rob Judge. Both of them are known for their magical convincing power to attract the women regardless of anything.If you want to attract hot chicks and date them through innovative conversational methods(Texting), then this manual is perfect for you.


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With Magnetic Messaging, you will discover how to use the very specific sequence of magnetic texts called, The Key Lock Sequence. You will know exactly what texts to send to her, plus you can put texting on autopilot. When you use this text messaging technique, it’s like using a key to unlock and awaken the fun and sexual side of the girl that you desire. What’s great about these magnetic texts is that it works like clockwork. You can use it on any girl that you’re attracted to.

Magnetic Messaging will give you the examples, templates, and prescribed texts for different situations, including answering the “what do you look like” text, texting after your first date, and dropping sexual words into your messages.


Inside this training manual, you will learn:

  • How to craft your language so that it stops a woman cold, sparks an emotion, and makes her interested in what you have to say…
  • How to cram your text full of your personality to get her laughing  or giggling (and associating those good  feelings toyou)
  • You’ll discover the perfect “Radar Texts”:  The initial texts you’ll send just to get on her radar and have her thinking about you…  (Yep, you’re NOT even looking for a response)… but you’ll be surprised how often she can’t stop herself from replying…)
  • You’ll discover the “Partners in Crime Texts”to have her feeling an intense connection to you (And makes sure you stay on her mind when you’re not around)….
  • 4 Types of “Inside Jokes”that show you “get” each other and drastically increase her desire to see you…
  • How to get her to share personal info about herself ensuring that you get the date…  (once a woman starts sharing this info she’s like a fish caught on a hook… and can’t wiggle away…)
  • How craft your “Meetup Message” in a subtle way that gets her imagining what it would be like to sleep with you. These messages are so Jedi that she can’t NOT think about having sex with you

And that’s just a tiny taste…  As you get into the more advanced stuff you’ll learn:

  • The shocking power of the “Key Lock Sequence” to put texting on auto-pilot… 
  • How to use “Shredder Texts” to destroy objections, flakiness, or bad behavior…(These are like “text jiu jitsu”)
  • You’ll discover the power of “Go Big Texts” to reel a girl back in that seemed to have slipped away…
  • How to use the: “Couple Compliment” Text to build a sense of connection.. And have her imagining a future with you  (If you are going to send her a compliment… this is the ONLYway to do it.)
  • The shocking power of the “No Big Deal” Text.  (This is where you learn to use “subtext” to have her thinking your acool, socially intelligent guy…)
  • How to send texts that create “bottled up” sexual tension and have her squirming in her seat at work…  (Do this right and she’ll be picking out her sexiest outfit for your next date…)


When You will Download The Magnetic Messaging Manual,You will also get following 8 FREE Bonuses :

  • Bonus #1 – The Infatuation Formula- The complete training videos for getting a woman to fall completely in love with you. This is the most advanced course ever.The Infatuation formula is like a specific “emotional cocktail” you can give a woman to make her fall in love with you… (even if right now she’s just a friend)You’ll become the guy that she MUST CHASE… (You can even use it to create your own little “fan club” of women waiting for their chance with you.)
the infatuation formula
  • Bonus #2 - The 99 Best Texts of All Time - This book is filled with 99 of the most potent, and powerful texts of all time. These have all been tested extensively and are proven to work. These texts cover dozens of potential situations.
The 99 Best Texts of All Time
  • Bonus #3 - Magnetic Mastermind Kit - “Get 4 weeks of continuing training. Including the Player’s Tool Kit, Advanced Training Videos, Text Critiques, and “What’s Working Now” reports. (this bonus is optional)
Magnetic Mastermind Kit
  • Bonus #4 - Rejectiong Proof: This one hour video will completely eliminate your fear of getting rejected and get excited about meeting more women.
  • Bonus #5 –  3 Keys to Getting Laid Tonight:This video is from a famous live speech Rob gave where he outlines the three core things you need to do to out and get laid TONIGHT.
  • Bonus #6 - Attraction Magnets: Discover the 12 topics that women want to talk about… these are also the best topics to create attraction, and transition into closing the deal.
  • Bonus #7 -  From Ex- to Next: Survival Guide to A Breakup: Tips and tricks to survive a break up, move on, and get a new girl who will make your ex girlfriend drop deal jealous
  • Bonus #8 - The Rockstar Speech: Live in seminar Rob reveals the exact secrets that allow him to live a rock star lifestyle filled with New York’s hottest women.
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The Magnetic Messaging Testimonials:

“3 Dates Set Up Already…”

“The book is DYNAMITE. I texted a couple girls I hadn’t heard from in awhile, and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. 3 dates set up, and I only have 3 free days in the next two weeks!

It’s incredible how you have translated what you do in front of a girl to words on a screen to elicit the same emotions…”

– Sam H.

”Meeting My Dream Girl Friday…”

“Hey Rob I just wanted to say that this is amazing. I realized that everything I have been texting girls was wrong. I didn’t think texting was that big of a deal. But I see it in whole new way! And you know that dream girl I was telling you about we are gonna meet up on Friday! I thought that she was never gonna talk to me ever again. This book is BRILLIANT!!”

– Kevin N.

“Alright Bobby, I got your program and it really works! I went on a date with a very beautiful Goth chic I # closed at the Marylyn Manson concert last week. I literally put 0 effort into this, just referred back to your book and followed it step by step. Amazing.”

– Michael M from Minnesota

“Yea bro it works, I tried it yesterday and for the first time I got a date with her.. I followed exactly from the book. I’m very satisfied with my purchase of magnetic messaging.” Thanks Rob and Bobby!”

– Ivan from Winnipeg 

“I used the Keylock Sequence successfully for the third time this week, with three different women. Your advice is pure gold. Thank you for sharing it.”

– Chris from Boston

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